Marketing Ideas

How to get more attendees to your charitable function

Every charitable function needs more traffic. You’ve probably tried offering free gift promotions.
What did you pay for those gifts? What was their perceived value? Did you get the results you wanted?

How to raise more money during your silent auction

Try something new! If you’re not already
rewarding your attendees with “out-of-the-box” gifts,
you might want to consider starting.
Ask yourself what would YOU prefer, a
vacation or a prepaid phone card? The
answer is obvious. People want to travel.

How to sell more raffle tickets (and for more money)

The Get Up & Go!® are great for raffles and since all the certificates are retailed
valued over $500.00 each, it makes for great prizes. These are great marketing ideas for fundraising!

How to increase revenue per plate at your dinner plate

Get Up & Go!® offers up to 5 Days and 4 Nights on our certificates enabling you to
increase revenue by offering a trip to Hawaii or St. Thomas. Both retailing up to $1,700.

How to have us come back the following year

Get Up & Go!® is a tool that has universal appeal. Its flexibility means that you can apply it to a variety of programs. Its easy-to-use format and outstanding customer support means you will have a successful promotion.

As a courtesy please
send us a copy of your sponsored event’s
flier, banners, tickets, overheads, etc.
this is required in order for us to accommodate
you the following year for your annual

Get Up & Go!® makes it simple to get started, just do the following

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