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Best Practices for Small Businesses

by Todd Mittleman
The following best practices will
help your small business grow. These
sales strategies are designed to help
increase your small business’s sale
volume as well as your average revenue
per sale. For more information on finding
helpful sales tips for your small business,
please read our other informative sales

Best Practice #1 – Attract
and retain high-quality sales managers
(with work experience and academic
backgrounds) via competitive benefits
packages and salary.

Best Practice #2 – Continually
educate your sales team with mentor
programs and goals. A strong sales
team is like a high performance machine,
keep it fine-tuned and in good shape.

Best Practice #3 – Use
high-perceived-value sales
such as GetUp&Go’s travel
. Give your potential
customers a reason to pick your product
over the competition by adding value.

Best Practice #4 – Reward
your sales team with competitive commissions.
Keeping good sales people is as important
as keeping good customers.

Best Practice #5 – Retain
your customers with good communication.
It’s far easier to keep existing customers
than to gain new ones.

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