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Aren’t Most Sales Incentives Just Cheesy?

by Charile Cook, Marketing for Success

I don’t know about you but my cupboard
is full of coffee cups, my dresser
full of t-shirts and our closet full
of small canvas carry-all bags, all
branded with the logos of companies
I don’t do business with.

received all these free as part of
some promotional campaign and now they’re
cluttering up my house and instead
of inspiring me to buy from these companies
they just an annoyance.

And I haven’t even mentioned the free
pens, refrigerator magnets and other
stuff that comes in the mail. Do these
types of promotional incentives work?
Not in my house.

Why not give something that doesn’t
take up space, or duplicates something
your prospect already has?

Yes, I’m biased as someone who works
for GetUp&Go!,
but giving someone a vacation isn’t
what I’d call cheesy, and it won’t
clutter up their house but will help
you grow your business.

3 Reasons