Client Retention

Client Retention: New vs. Old

by Todd Mittleman

One way to save on marketing expense is to work on your client retention. In your efforts to win
new business, never forget your existing customers. It’s far cheaper and easier to nurture
your relationship with existing customers than it is to find new ones. As they have already
bought from you in the past, provided their experience was positive, they may be likely to
purchase from you again.

It’s important to make sure any contact with a customer or a prospect leaves a good impression
to nurture your client retention. Always remember you and your staff are the company as far as
the customer is concerned; everything you say or do creates either a good or bad image. It is
important to make sure your employees understand how important customers are and that they
understand what your business is all about. They don’t all have to be experts, but they should
all understand the most basic concept of what your business is, what your product names are, and
a good enough understanding of ‘who does what’ to be able to find someone to help a customer if
they are unable to help themselves.

By taking some extra customer services steps now, you can improve your client retention later.
And a returning customer is far cheaper to bring in the door than a new one.

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