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Great Sales Incentives

by Todd Mittleman
There are sales incentives that work
and sales incentives that don’t. Finding
the right sales incentive for your
business takes a little creativity.
You have to dive into the mind of your
customer and ask yourself, what is
it that my customer enjoys?

Most people could pass on a promotional
pen with your name on it. They could
careless about the frisbee their dog
enjoyed. Your t-shirt was worn once
while they repainted the living room.
And all of these cheap promotional
items are just that… cheap!

So what breaks through the clutter
and really grabs your customer’s attention?
What is a unique, conversation-spreading
sales incentive that can really drive
the type of sales you are really looking
for? What helps set you apart from
the competition and help you raise
the eyebrow?

The answer is travel.

But how can you afford to give travel?
Right away you’re tempted to dismiss
the notion, but there is a very cost-effective
way that other businesses just like
yours use it. And it costs about the
same as the coffee mugs, hats, and
other traditional promotional products.

Using travel as a sales incentive
is possible and very cost-effective.
It costs about the same as the other
sales incentives you are used to using
because you’re teaming up with one
of the largest and most respected travel
companies in the world… Wyndham!

Through Wyndham’s B2B marketing department
GetUp&Go, your business can leverage
travel incentives for just
pennies on the dollar
to add
more perceived value to your products
and drive your customers to buy more
quantity, higher priced items.

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