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Helping Dealerships… Drive Sales

by Todd Mittleman

The economy is experiences the pressures of a weakened economy and no business feel this more than the new car industry. To save money, consumers are cutting back and becoming more frugal with their purchases. They are making their existing car stretch a little further or if they are in a position where they have to buy, they are looking closer at used cars rather than new ones.

So how do you attract new car buyers in a time of constrictive buying?

One proven method is to offer better value. Give the buyer a deal they can’t refuse. Along with the economic pressures comes financial stress. Consumers want to take a vacation to inject a little bit of fun into their life and leave their worries behind, but again feel they can’t afford it. So when you leverage the gift of a vacation as a sales incentive, you are offering them something they want.

But with the financial strains, how can a car dealership afford to give away vacations to each buyer?

It’s easier than you might think. Wyndham Worldwide provides travel incentives to businesses to use at a fraction of the cost of the vacation. And when I say fraction, I mean fraction. But how can Wyndham offer these vacations so far below market value?

The model works like this; a certain percentage of dealer customers will take advantage of the vacation and redeem their offer. Of those people, Wyndham will present the vacationers with other vacation offers, including airfare, cruises, car rentals, and hotel upgrades. Travelers can also preview other vacation products and services offered with no obligation. These incremental revenue opportunities help pass the vacation cost savings to dealerships offering the incentive.

It’s really that simple. The result is, you get a sales incentive that is highly desired and works at a cost that is too good to pass up! Test drive these travel incentives for your dealership and give yourself a secret weapon to close more sales.

To find out more about how travel incentives can give your business the boost it needs in these trying economic times and to get 4 Steps to Increasing Sales and our 2009 Wyndham Ideas Catalog instantly, click here.

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