Relationship Marketing

Sales Incentives and Relationship Marketing

by Todd Mittleman

It’s about relationship building.
It’s about understanding what your
customer really wants. It’s about creating
a customer for life. How do you do
that? With effective sales incentives
and good customer service!

Relationship marketing is a strategic
philosophy of doing business. Working
to maintain your current customers
while acquiring new customers with
cost-effective sales incentives. The
goal is to build a strong base of committed
customers that are profitable for your
business while driving in new prospects
with strong sales incentives.

Keeping your customers happy saves
you money. It allows you to reduce
advertising costs and focus on cost-effective
sales incentives.

The wrong kind of sales incentives
can cut into your profits, while the
right kinds of sales incentives can
boost your profits. Rather using discounts
on standard purchasing patterns, use
sales incentives to change your customers
buying patterns. Holding the carrot
to buy more or choose the premium item.

One of the most alluring sales incentives
is to use GetUp&Go! travel certificates
to boost sales. By giving your customers
an exciting vacation, you increase
the perceived value of your sale item.
And at just pennies on the dollar,
you won’t sacrifice profit margins.
In fact, GetUp&Go! travel certificates
are comparable to standard promotional
item sales incentives.

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