Sales Contest Ideas

Sales Contest Ideas

by Todd Mittleman

Here are some sales contest ideas
to help your sales team produce more:

  • Attention To The Winners – A
    presentation for the sales
    contest winner in front of
    everyone is 100x more effective
    than dropping an envelope on
    a desk. Fuel the fire, how
    you pay is just as important
    as what you pay.
  • The Search for Missing Sales – Challenge
    your team with a sales contest
    to find new business with
    old customers. This can be
    a great way to reconnect
    to past loyal customers.
  • Personal Best
    Run a sales contest to record
    the highest sales each employee
    ever has posted during a
    single shift. Now have a
    contest to see who can exceed
    their personal bests. Be
    sure to post the results
    and recognize and reward
    the team and individual achievers.
  • Raffles
    Go to a stationery or party
    store and purchase a package
    of raffle tickets. Every time
    a sales agent reaches one of
    a variety of targeted goals,
    give that person a raffle ticket.
    The more they earn, the better
    their chances of winning whatever
    it is you raffle off in a monthly
    sales contest drawing.
  • Not Always About the Sales – You can also
    base sales contests on prospecting
    activities. After all, these
    are the actions that ultimately
    lead to sales.
  • Run Short-Term Sales Contests – Instead
    of a single extended event,
    limit the term of each competition
    to no more than 30 to 90 days.
    Otherwise, you’ll lose the
    enthusiasm you hoped to generate.
  • Interim Winners
    For sales contests that last
    longer than two weeks, weekly
    leaders should win recognition
    and small awards. All-or-nothing
    contests generate way too many
  • Spousal Prizes
    Spousal encouragement is a great
    motivator. Prizes that include
    the agent’s spouse such as weekend
    trips, event tickets, or vacations can
    bring the sales contest home
  • Post Status
    Let your producers know where
    they stand and help foster competition.
    Display a schedule of all sales
    contest participants in the order
    of their progress.
  • Avoid Post-Contest Let-Down – When there
    are winners, there are inevitably
    losers. Motivate the non-winners
    by introducing a new sales
    contest to strive for.
  • Divide by 3
    Create a sales contest by dividing
    your sales team into smaller
    groups of 3 to stimulate competition
    among the groups and a sharing
    of ideas and coaxing from teammates.

Using fresh sales contest ideas are
important to continually drive enthusiasm
and sales. Choose new contest ideas,
create combinations, and add your own
unique twists. One great tool is to
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