Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling

by Todd Mittleman

The most popular strategic selling
used by top businesses today follow
the same 5 basic principles of business.

  1. Prospect for new customers
  2. Motivate people to buy
  3. Influence the buying decision
  4. Close the sale
  5. Retain existing customers

Step one of strategic selling is finding
the customer. Clearly define who your
customer is to get a good picture of
your business’ target market and then
reach out to them through a variety
of channels.

Once you are able to attract the prospect
to your product or service, you need
to motivate them to buy. This is done
through showcasing your product or
service and running through the basics
of what makes your product better than
your competition’s.

But motivating your prospect may not
be enough.

Influencing your prospect’s buying
decision is the most important piece
of the sales process. Look at what
barriers lay between your prospect
and the sale and turn the obsticles
into strategic selling points. A great
way to help influence your prospect’s
buying decision is by increaseing the
perceived value of the product or service
you are selling. This can be done by
using GetUp&Go’s travel

If you have successfully attracted
the right prospect, turned their obsticles
into strategic selling points, and
influenced their buying decision, you
have made closing the sale the easiest
part of selling. Be direct and call
for the desired action. This applies
to your website as well as in your
store. Tell your prospect what it is
you want them to do next and turn that
prospect into a customer!

It’s been said several times before,
which makes it a vital part of your
selling strategy, that it takes much
more effort and expense to gain a new
customer than to retain an existing
one. Don’t overlook the importance
of retaining a good customer. Reach
out to this customer base to increase
your sales.

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