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Business Solutions

How can you break through traditional advertising clutter? Create
excitement that motivates customers? Attract new and repeat visitors to
your store or Web site? You can do it all with vacation certificates by
Get Up & Go!®. They’re an amazingly inexpensive, simple, and unique
way to promote your products without cutting into profits.

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Business Solutions

Do you want to create a lasting impression with your best prospects so they’ll buy
again? Improve direct mail and ad response rates? Up-sell or sell multiple units
without squeezing your margins? Vacation certificates add value and give your
prospects an irresistible reason to respond — now. And after your customer enjoys
a rewarding getaway thanks to you, you can be sure they’ll think of you the next
time they’re ready to buy.

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Business Solutions

High-ticket products and intangibles have the longest sales cycle and are tough to
crack for even the most skilled salespeople. Travel certificates from Get Up & Go!®
can help you clinch the deal or solidify a new business relationship. Travel
certificates can make the difference between losing a sale and gaining a customer
for life.

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Business Solutions

Your sales people and customer service representatives are your most valuable assets.
And good talent is hard to find — and keep. Doesn’t it make sense to keep your
employees motivated and happy? Travel certificates are an affordable, yet highly
coveted reward for a job well done. Give your top performers a well-deserved
break that leaves them well – rested and ready to return to a job they love.
Vacation certificates are great recruiting tools too!

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