Get More Traffic

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Maybe you’ve tried offering free gift promotions. What did you pay for those gifts?
What was their perceived value? Did you get the results you wanted?

Get More Traffic

“The Get Up & Go!® Travel Incentive program has proven to be a phenomenal client
acquisition tool! We’ve generated more qualified leads than we ever could have imagined.
We will continue to use this fantastic marketing resource for as long as we intend to
keep ahead of the competition!”

Apryl Felder, Owner, Avalon Travel

Get More Traffic

“In just 10 weeks, over 500 customers enrolled in our automatic payment program.
Get Up & Go!® travel incentives are proving to be one of the best tools we ever
used for converting subscribers to Easy Pay…. I enthusiastically recommend Get
Up & Go!® as a loyalty building tool for newspapers.”

Jennifer A. Keeler, Circulation Sales & Marketing Manager

Get More Traffic

“We love Get Up & Go!® travel incentives! When we run a promotion, we are able to increase our web traffic and logins to our website. The good will that the Get Up & Go!® products offer is priceless. They are easy to issue & redeem. I have personally redeemed a certificate to Las Vegas! I absolutely would recommend their products for your marketing.”

Emily Howe, Account Manager, Access Development

Get More Traffic

“This is a gift that is remembered. Get Up & Go!® is a marketing tool that was suggested by my employer Century 21 Sunbelt. List or Buy from me and receive a Get Up & Go!® travel certificate! At first everyone thought it was just another gimmick or coupon but they soon realized it was the REAL THING. A hotel room to stay in and place to play away from home.”

Kim Hardin, Century 21 Sunbelt

Get Up & Go!® Lite products are versatile, effective incentives for businesses on
a budget. They help maximize your ROI and attract more high-income prospects group
than traditional premiums.

And here’s another practical use of Lite incentives: Why not donate Get Up
& Go!® certificates to your favorite charity? You’ll help them raise more money by
tying a travel certificate to a donation amount.

Schools, golf events, silent auctions, art shows and many other charities will
benefit from your generosity, creating good will for your business within your

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