Get Up & Go! Dealer Incentive

Five Reasons to Work With Get Up & Go!® to Increase Your Profits with Dealer Incentive

  1. You’ll Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

    You’re probably already using ads, mailings, a web site and maybe even cold calling to generate leads and sales. Imagine if you could supercharge the effectiveness of each of these marketing efforts to increase sales with Dealer Incentive.

    If you owned a NASCAR race car and wanted it to have a chance of winning you’d use the proper fuel, 110 octane leaded gasoline. The same is true with your marketing ideas. You need the right fuel to make it perform.

    Get Up & Go!® Vacation Certificate are like using high-octane fuel with your marketing. They don’t replace your existing marketing efforts but they help you increase the profits you bring in from every dime you invest in your marketing campaigns. It’s like using 110 octane racing fuel instead of 87 octane regular gasoline in a race car. Your marketing campaigns will help generate leads and sales a lot faster.

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  2. You’ll Prompt More Prospects to Buy

    Your biggest competitor to increasing your sales and profits is your prospects’ indifference. Most people are bombarded with offers to make a purchase every day. How can you make your offer stand out?

    Imagine you’re trying to get more prospects into your investment firm’s workshop. How many more people do you think would attend if you offered a vacation to every one who walked through the door?

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  3. You’ll Get Sales Results You Can Count On

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read and listen to what business owners and marketers say about the results they got from using our travel certificates. Here’s a sample:

    • “A phenomenal client acquisition tool!”Apryl Felder, Owner, Avalon Travel
    • “Sales were up by 50% the first 6 months.”Ted Cutler, Press-A-Print International
    • “We had a 15% increase in sales over the 6-month period when we used the Get Up & Go!® vacation certificate.”Mark Wallace, Massachusetts Mutual
    • “The results were amazing and immediate! We were able to increase our appointment settings by over 50% in the last 4 weeks alone.”Bill Bailey, LP Country Club
    • “The best marketing tool I’ve ever used. Worth every penny!”Allen Centanni, Bakersfield Kids’ Discovery
    • “Our sales increased 25% during the four-month period we used the Get Up & Go!® certificates.”Joe Sinegal, Future Inc

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  4. You Can Trust Us to Deliver

    You’ve just given a prospect or a client a 3 or 4 day vacation with their family. What happens next? You want them to have a great time and tell all their friends and associates about your company and its great products and services.

    If you want world-class results from your marketing campaign and your travel certificates, who would you pick as your marketing partner? Would you pick some company you and your clients have never heard of or would you pick the best in the business?

    Get Up & Go!® has been in the Vacation Certificate business for over twelve (12) years, is well-respected in the B2B world, offers business customers a broad array of hospitality Sales Incentives and services from a portfolio of world-renowned brands.

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  5. You’ll Increase Your Sales and Profits

    Whether you want more buyers visiting your auto dealership or want to increase per account deposits at your bank, you’re looking for the most cost efficient way to grow your business.

    You’re probably already tried all the standard ways to market your business. Isn’t it time you discovered what works time and time again to generate interest and sales? You owe it to yourself to finally put this proven technique to use and see your sales take off.



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