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Get Up & Go!® Relationship Building 5/4 Florida Regional

Want to reward desired behavior with two days at the beach and two days at one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations – Orlando?

Florida Regional certificates offer the choice of two nights in Daytona
Beach or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, followed by two nights in Orlando (retail value up to $840)
with the flexibility of seven-day check in. There’s also the option to add nights and extend
the vacation up to a week, perfect for employees and business clients. The $100 refundable
deposit is automatically refunded within 30 days after check-in date. It’s a thank you gift
that’ll cultivate lasting memories and good will among your most valued customers and

Florida Regional travel certificates are 8 1/2″ x 11″ printed on the highest quality McCoy
Silk paper with spot varnish coating for an impressive presentation. Florida Regional offers
you a high-perceived value reward.

Learn how Florida Regional travel certificates can help you achieve your goals
by contacting Get Up & Go!® Clicking here.

Application Examples

  • Perfect safety record
  • New customer/employee referral
  • Resolving customer complaint
  • Perfect attendance
  • Reaching/exceeding performance/sales goal
  • Length of service reward
  • Achieving project deadline
  • Company event
  • Birthday/anniversary
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