Get Up & Go!® Closing Tool 6/5 Mexico


Want a powerful closing tool that make it hard for prospects to say “no”?


Mexico certificates are the vacation of a lifetime, offering 6 days and 5
nights in Mazetlan (retail value up to $1,050). These are perfect rewards for increasing
sales and extremely popular for travelers who want to spend a week away from everything.
With “all-inclusive” availability, resort condominium lodging, and day trips and tour
packages, these certificates are ideal for your most loyal customers and high-end
transactions. Mexico requires a refundable $125 deposit that is automatically refunded
within 30 days after check-in.

Mexico is larger in size than the Lite and Classic series. They are
impressive and informative to the recipient. The Mexico incentives are 8 1/2″ x 11″
printed on the highest quality McCoy Silk paper with spot varnish coating for an
impressive presentation. Stop your prospects from shopping you and reward them for
doing business with you TODAY.

Learn how Mexico travel certificates can help you achieve your goals
by contacting Get Up & Go!® Clicking here.

Application Examples

  • General closing tool
  • Sales contest prizes
  • Thank you gifts
  • Employee rewards
  • First-visit buying incentives
  • Second look/be-back incentives
  • Two-tiered promotions
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