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Audrey Morgan, Regional Account Executive

Chris Cook
National Account Manager
Get Up & Go!


I wanted to take a moment
to thank you for your help! You stepped
up in a huge way for XL106.7’s Baby DJ
and helped us serve families in Central
Florida. The poker tournament we held
at Crazy Buffet had an amazing turn out.
I can honestly say that had you not contributed
a trip for EVERY player who registered,
we would not have had the turn out we

Due to the excitement
Get Up & Go!® generated for the tournament,
we were able to add over $5,000 to the
Baby DJ Fund 2006! Additionally, your
contribution of the grand prize trips
made the tournament that much more exciting.

We are looking forward
to partnering with you again in the future.
We have the next tournament planned for
January 10, 2007 and would love to see
you participate. I know that through
this venture, many of my clients are
interested in partnering with you and Get
Up & Go!®

Thank you again Chris
for what you have done for our community.

Yours in Success,

Audrey Morgan
Regional Account Executive
Clear Channel
XL 106.7
407-916-8310 Direct
407-916-7407 Fax
2500 Maitland Center Parkway
Suite 401
Maitland, FL 32751

Arcangelo Capozzolo, Owner

“Raised my average sale 55%!
Get Up & Go!®, I just wanted to
let you know how powerful these travel
certificates have been for my business.
I use them as an upsell incentive for
people to buy more products when they
visit my website. The results are phenomenal.
Highly recommended as an economical
marketing and sales tool.”

Liz Saunders-McManus

“Can’t wait to start! I was the
person hired to call GetUpAndGo’s clients
to find out how they used their travel
certificates and how they liked them.
After hearing all the amazingly results
every type of business was having with
GetUp And Go!®‘s certificates I’m ready
to try them myself.”

Art Bond, President

“Get Up & Go!® certificates are incredible! We’ve
used the certificates with a variety
of promotions over the past several
years. Each time we are amazed how
responsive our clients are to this
offers. The Get Up & Go!® travel
certificates have continued to be our
number one incentive program.”

Kim Hardin, Realtor

“This is a gift that is remembered.
Get Up & Go!® is a marketing tool
that was suggested by my employer –
Century 21 Sunbelt. List or Buy from
me and receive a Get Up & Go!®
travel certificate! At first everyone
thought it was just another gimmick
or coupon but they soon realized it
was the REAL THING. A hotel room to
stay in and place to play away from

Apryl Felder, Owner

“The Get Up & Go!® Travel
Incentive program has proven to be
a phenomenal client acquisition tool!
We’ve generated more qualified leads
than we ever could have imagined. We
will continue to use this fantastic
marketing resource for as long as we
intend to keep ahead of the competition!”

Emily Howe, Account Manager

“We love Get Up & Go!® travel
incentives! When we run a promotion,
we are able to increase our web traffic
and logins to our website.

The good will that the Get Up & Go!® products offer is priceless. They are
easy to issue & redeem. I have personally
redeemed a certificate to Las Vegas!
I absolutely would recommend their products
for your marketing.”

Melissa Bujok

“This the best advertising tool
I have ever worked with. It truly opens
doors. I love the travel incentives
offered by Get Up & Go!®. They
really impress my prospects. Highly

Brian Ankney

“Wow, what a
response. I used Get Up & Go!® Travel Certificates as Christmas gifts
for all of my clients and their employees.
Secretaries and graphics people who
used to be less than helpful are now
friendly and help in any way they can.
I will use them again this year.”

Tom Hill, President

“Absolutely incredible!
Using Get Up & Go!® certificates
was our single most powerful client
acquisition campaign ever launched!
We experienced twice our growth objectives
for the year’s business goals.

“…Our success with
the Get Up & Go!® travel certificates
has been so overwhelming that we have
had to actually suspend the promotion
for a few months until we can catch
up with all the new business.”

Kaleena Meachum

“Using Get Up & Go!® travel incentives we’ve increased our
annual payment accounts by 100% and
were able to completely discontinue
monthly payment systems reducing our
expenses by over $12,000 a year. Thanks
for a fantastic, easy to use and profitable
marketing incentive program.”

Becky McCartney, Vice-President – Marketing and Deposits

Kristen Druey
Ouch Marketing
65 Oak Hill Road
Greenbrier, AR 72058

Dear Kristen,

First of all – THANK
YOU for getting to know me and providing
such a fabulous incentive for our employees
AND our customers! The Get
Up & Go!®

packages have sparked great interest
– with everyone.

As you already know,
I plan to have a campaign designed
to increase our deposit accounts by
250 – 500 late next fall. In the meantime,
I have some immediate needs for our
small business customers as well as
our employees – and this particular
package seemed to be a good fit. Boy
– was I right!

We are offering this
incentive to our employees for referring
customers to our new Liberty Gold account.
To top it off, they get CASH from the
bank for every account they refer after
the first one. Think about it – they
get to go on vacation, and if they
refer enough accounts, the bank will
pay for everything! In addition to
the internal promotion, we are offering
this package to our small business
customers who take advantage of our
direct deposit management services
– and we feel good about this offer
because it is so easy to use!

We have had one employee
already call to activate the package.
She was impressed at how EASY it was.
The entire process took less than 5
minutes, and as an added bonus, all
of the locations are someplace we wouldn’t
mind visiting. It is easy to promote
something to our customers that we
are excited about ourselves.

Thanks again, Kristen
– I am looking forward to many more
promotions. As a matter of fact, I
can see us becoming the bank that “send
s you on vacation – every year!

Most Sincerely,

Becky L McCartney
Vice President, Marketing and Deposits
Corn Belt Bank & Trust Company

Debbie Prince, Marketing Director

Ouch Marketing
Kristin Druey
65 Oak Hill Road
Greenbrier, AR 72058

Dear Kristin,

The Get
Up & Go!®
vacation program was the best promotion
that First National Bank did all year
long. It has had a real impact on our
deposit growth this year!

The Bank kicked off
the corporate-wide deposit promotion
on April 19th and ran the promotion
through June 30th. Deposits increased
by $3,549,381 during the campaign.
Of this amount, $2,906,721 was demand
deposits that were not rate sensitive
and were directly attributable to the
deposit promotion. We gave away approximately
784 of our 1,000 vacation packages
during the promotion. This number exceeded
our goal for the campaign. Media consisted
of radio, newspaper and lobby posters.

We had several customers
that received a vacation package call
to tell us that everything went like
clockwork and they had a wonderful
time. We had customers ask us, “What’s
the gimmick?” They could not believe
we were doing this!!

Our Bank President
was so impressed that he has told several
of his “banking buddies” about
the promotion! We look forward to working
with you again in the future.


Debbie Prince
Marketing Director
First National Bank

P.O. Box 22090, 135
Section Line Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903-2090
(501) 525-7999. Fax (501) 525-9333

Jennifer Keeler, Circulation Sales & Marketing Manager

Tom Hill
Xcel Marketing Group
10258 Vestal Manor
Coral Springs, FL 33071

Dear Tom,

The Get
Up & Go!®
vacation program is proving to be one
of the best tools we ever used for
converting subscribers to Easy Pay.
In just 10 weeks, over 500 customers
enrolled in our automatic payment program.

The fact that the
program is cost effective and easy
to implement only increases the enthusiasm
with which I recommend Get
Up & Go!®
as a loyalty building tool for newspapers.

Thank you for a great
product and terrific customer service
provided by Xcel Marketing.


Jennifer A. Keeler
Circulation Sales & Marketing

Joe Tribett, Manager

Kristin Druey
Ouch Marketing
65 Oak Hill Rd.
Greenbrier, AR 72058


I would just like
to take a minute and brag about how
well the Get Up & Go!® vacation
has worked for me.

My name is Joe Tribett
and I’m the manager of Safely-Tucked
Away ministorage. I’ve been working
here for just over a month. One of
my important and vital responsibilities
is closing a lease agreement on a storage
unit. Basically, selling the storage

Well, the Get
Up & Go!®
package has been
a great tool for me. It really helps
to close the deal. We have our standard
storage units and our climate controlled
units, which are the hardest to sell.
Especially when we have the minimum
of a three month lease.

With the Get
Up & Go!®
package I’ve
been able to sell three 12 month contracts
and two 6 month contracts in climate
controlled units. In one months time
that is amazing. Our climate controlled
units bring in double the amount of
our standard.

The majority of all
our inquiries are for standard storage
units. I’m so glad that we have this
offer. Every one of those deals were
closed due to the vacation package.
We also have a flyer in our office
promoting the Vacation special and
folks always ask about it.

Thank you so much,

Joe Tribett
Safely-Tucked Away
720 S. Harkrider
Conway, AR 72032

Tim Baumgartner, Circulation Sales & Marketing Manager

Tom Hill
Xcel Travel
10258 Vestal Manor
Coral Springs, FL. 33071

Dear Tom,

We have been extremely
pleased with the results of our programs
that feature Get Up & Go!® travel
vouchers. Initially we targeted “at
risk” subscribers asking for
conversion to EZ-pay in exchange for
a travel certificate. The response
rate exceeded 4% – far above our 1%
expectation. Based on this response
rate, we expanded our Get Up & Go!® promotions to include online, telemarketing,
single copy inserts, in-paper, retention
department and direct mail offers for
both new starts and EZ-pay conversions.
The perceived value of the travel certificate
influences an amazing response from
customers. Also, I greatly appreciate
your commitment to excellent customer

You are welcome to
share my comments and results with
others interested in usingGet
Up & Go!®
travel vouchers. Additionally, you
may pass along my contact information
to those interested in more information
on our Get Up & Go!® programs.


Tim Baumgartner
Circulation Sales & Marketing
The Tennessean Newspaper
1100 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203-3134
(615) 259-8382
(615) 726-5921 FAX

Carolyn Arnold, Vice-President/Branch Manager

April 29, 2005

, President
of Ouch! Marketing has been extremely
instrumental in raising low cost deposits
for our bank. For the last three months,
we have been involved in an awesome
promotion. A three day, two night lodging
was given to anyone opening a new account.
This Get Up & Go!® promotion has
increased our new account activity
by at least 35%.

We are an 8 year old
bank with an asset size of $340,000,000.00.
Our CEO was told of a vacation promo,
offered to new account customers, at
another bank. In an effort to gain
more share of the Market in our area,
we placed a call to Kristen. From that
initial phone call to the final day
of the promotion, Kristen and her awesome
staff have been fantastic to work with.

At Community First
Bank, customer service is a very high
priority. We believe it is what separates
us from the other 7 banks in town,
the only reason we have grown to this
size in just 8 short years. Kristen
and her staff believe in customer service
as much as we do……this common thread
was the foundation for a partnership
that lead us to such a successful promotion.

Today is the final
day of our Get Up & Go!® promotion;
I can honestly say there have been
no issues, problems or concerns with
the vacation promotion. We have given
away over 1500 vacation packages during
the last three months. There have been
a couple of customers who felt they
had an issue. I was so impressed with
Kristen. When these “couple” of
issues arose, she went above and beyond
for the customer to be sure they were
satisfied, even though the issue was
not her responsibility. She wanted
no negative effect to our bank.

I highly recommend
Kristen and her company. I assure you,
that you will be served by a staff
that is very professional, very organized,
and who places customer service at
the VERY top of their priorities.

Call me anytime. I
would love the opportunity to share
the experience we’ve had with Ouch!


Carolyn Arnold
Vice President Marketing/Branch Manager

Reggie Miller, Internet Director

July 12, 2005

Larry Tyler
Get Up & Go!®
10020 Hermit Rapids Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

Dear Larry,

On behalf of Desert
Toyota and Scion of Las Vegas, I’d
like to express my great pleasure with
the results you have brought us with
the Get Up & Go!® Travel Certificates!

We’re really pleased
with the response we get when we use
the Get Up & Go!® Travel Certificates
as incentives to get buyers into our
dealership to check out our cars. When
we tell them they just have to come
in to take advantage of our Desert
Toyota promotion campaign, they jump
on it. When we make call-outs and tell
them about the Get Up & Go!® promotion,
our salesmen really increase the percentage
of set appointments.

Also, when we attach
the Get Up & Go!® Travel Certificates
as added incentive to come to our dealership
promotion when we promote ourselves
with e-mail e-blasts, our response
rate is greatly increased, too. I won’t
tell you exact numbers, but I will
say our percentage of response is higher
than the usual tokens and free dinner

For those who come
in without knowing about the Get
Up & Go!®
Travel Certificate program, we use
them as closing tool — you can really
see the buyers get excited about their
new car and that they get the travel
premium as a bonus. It makes a difference
and we believe it makes a sale.

We’re going into a
second round of using the Get
Up & Go!®
Travel Certificates because the first
round was so successful. It works for
us! Thanks!

Reggie Miller
Desert Toyota and Scion of Las Vegas
Fleet Sales
Internet Director

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