Quotes From Travelers

Comments from Travelers

  • “The process seems to be very easy…. no recommendations.”
  • “Change nothing; it’s perfect, excellent staff and service.”
  • “Everything went great!”
  • “I was very satisfied, no improvements necessary!!! I was very satisfied!!”
  • “Very easy to activate on the web matter of minutes. Robinson was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Gave me an option of 3 hotels to coincide with the location of my business travel hotel.”
  • “I was very satisfied. Thank you.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I had absolutely no problem what-so-ever getting everything set up. Went flawlessly Would LOVE to do it again.”
  • “The process worked very well, I have nothing to suggest on the actual process. I did select a date that I had to change, by phone. Maybe in the future this can be done online also. Even the phone call went very well, your reps appear to be very well versed in customer service. Fast, polite and efficient.”
  • “The staff was wonderful in all aspects–including the maintenance and cleaning staff. Every person we encountered was so friendly and welcoming. They made us feel very comfortable about visiting the Glade.”
  • “Your agent worked “overtime” to make sure everything was A1! Everything was as planned! Very professional and helpful too!”
  • “She was extremely helpful with information that I wasn’t even thinking about it, she told me to call back to make sure that the dates I wanted were confirmed, etc. She also gave me her number and extension if I had any more questions. Everything was satisfactory.”
  • “On the second half of the Get Up & Go!®, I needed to change the date, agent was very agreeable and helpful. Sorry, I don’t have her name.”
  • “I see no need to change anything, it was great.”
  • “You can’t improve anything, it was great! The agent was great! You can not improve it in any way”
  • “Great friendly service.”
  • “Handled very well by your representative.”
  • “Everything was very straight forward. No tricks… good confirmation.”
  • “They know their business. We were satisfied. No need for improvement.”
  • “”Nothing. It was great! ‘Excellent Job. Great follow-up.”
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